Trina Solar PV Modules


The Solar Industry's Global Leader

Trina Solar is a leading manufacturer of high quality modules with a solid reputation as a solar PV pioneer. Growing to 15,000 employees worldwide since it was founded in 1997, Trina Solar is known globally as a manufacturing powerhouse. Trina Solar has shipped 30GW since 2007 and has emerged as the #1 PV manufacturer in the world. With a strong revenue track record, Trina Solar is a strong player that has the resources to support the growth of our company. Trina Solar is one of the few PV manufacturers to develop a vertically integrated business model from the production of mono-crystalline and poly-crystalline silicon ingots, wafers and cells to the assembly of high quality modules. This broad capability enables Trina to break through performance barriers, while ensuring the highest quality and most sustainable product.


Trina Solar's Features

Key features of Trina Solar

  • The Solar Industry's Global Leader
  • Proven innovator of ground-breaking technology
  • Your reliable long term partner
  • globalized operation
  • building the solar+ecosphere


Trina Solar's Features

Key features of TALLMAX

  •   144 Cell Monocrystalline
  •   430-450W Power outage range
  •   20.6% Maximum Efficiency
  •   0~+5W Positive Power Tolerange

Half-cut Cell Technology

Increased Energy Generation with Half-cut Cell Technology

The Tallmax M product adopts half-cut cell technology. With lower heat and lower working temperature, half-cut cells can increase the power generation per watt. Since half-cut cells reduce internal loss, the working temperature of the module and the junction box declines, thus greatly reducing the probability of hotspots and the damage risk of the whole module.

Based on the special parallel-serial structure, half-cut modules are longitudinally arranged and can thus reduce the loss of generation capacity caused by shading.