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SMA Germany

SMA is the largest manufacturer of Solar Power inverters globally. It has its manufacturing facilities in USA and Germany.

New technologies make the worldwide deployment of photovoltaic increasingly economical. With a tremendous rate of innovation and a unique & diverse product range, SMA Solar Technology AG has been among the most successful companies in the field of Solar Technology for 30 years. SMA develops state-of-the-art PV inverters and monitoring systems for PV plants.

The Right Inverter for Every Application

Since every PV plant has to be individually designed, SMA already has a wide product range. SMA is the only manufacturer worldwide to offer the appropriate inverter for every requirement – whether for grid connection, off-grid supply or backup operation. From the kilowatt to the megawatt range, for all module types – whether thin-film, crystalline or concentrator technology.


  • Intelligent system managers
  • Highest efficiency inverters in the world
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Parallel operation compatible
  • Outdoor installation compatible