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REFUsol Logo The price of PV and battery storage systems, the rising cost of electricity procurement, ambitious climate goals, and the increasing need for security of supply, it is clear that the use of decentralized, renewable energy systems will become an important pillar in the power supply of commercial and ndustrial customers. It is precisely in these applications that linking PV systems together with battery storage systems will generate considerable cost-savings, when it comes to electricity procurement.

Hybrid Systems

1. On-Grid Hybrid


When peak-load occurs, it increases your electricity costs. Hence a storage system combined with a PV system is designed to utilize the power consumption on minimum rate through intelligent control system. The cheaper electricity generated by the PV panels can be used to charge the batteries, instead of using the more expensive electricity from the grid during peak-load times.

2. Diesel Hybrid


Diesel generators are often used to provide prime power in remote regions. The electricity generated by the PV system cover most of the amount of power required, and therefore reduce both fuel costs and emissions. The diesel generators can then be used to compensate for short-term interruptions to the power supply, due to weather conditions, and ensure the amount of power generated matches the amount of power consumed. Operators of these PV-diesel hybrid systems therefore benefit from reduced operating costs and a consistently high security of supply. Integrating a battery storage system into this hybrid PV-diesel system is the ideal way of using this potential increased efficiency and achieving even greater reductions in cost and fuel consumption.

Benefits Using PV for Diesel Systems:

  • Increased security of supply
  • With batteries more than double PV usage possible
  • Fuel saving of 25% typical with optimal sized battery
  • Extended lifetime of Gensets
  • Significant Genset maintenance reduction

After Sale Support

Zi SOLAR is a partner and authorized distributor of REFU Hybrid System in Pakistan and provides after sales support (back to back) as an authorized service partner.

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