Partnered with PRETTL


Partnered with PRETTL Energy

Prettl group, a successful, international conglomerate serving customers globally with a diversified products and services.

Zi Solar in Pakistan is partnered with renowned multinational PRETTL Group to deliver the top-rated PRETTL ENERGY Products that includes Generators, frequency inverters and controllers for ON-Grid system and intelligent hybrid solutions.


Prettl energy – one of five divisions of the international Prettl Group – focuses on providing and managing (e-) mobile, stationary, decentralized, and hybrid solutions for supplying low-emission energy.

Prettl combines in its Energy Division the expertise of Endress in the field of generators with the knowledge and expertise that REFU brings from the field of power electronics and battery storage systems. Hereby Prettl energy is able to deliver the best combination of solutions to its valued customers.

Certificate of official distributor of PRETTLEPRO products (i.e. invertoers and generators) in Pakistan