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Grid Tie Solar System with Net Metering

A Grid-connected Solar System with Net Metering is designed to be connected with the utility grid. Net metering works through the installation of a meter, able to record energy flow in both the directions. The meter records when the consumer draws power from the utility grid and uses energy more than that being produced by the Solar System. It also records when the consumer exports surplus energy to the grid and uses less power than that being produced.

At the end of a month, the consumer is billed for the net electricity used. Net metering works only for the grid-connected systems and the excess energy sent to the utility is paid for, at the rate identified and determined as per NEPRA’s regulations.

Grid Tie Solar Power System

Grid-tie systems are designed to connect with a utility grid and allow load sharing of Solar energy as well as electricity from the grid. This system may not need to produce 100% of electricity demand and it works to supplement the utility grid to power the loads. Grid tie system with load sharing concept benefits consumers to reduce electricity bills.

Solar Water Pumping System

For continuous independent operation and low maintenance costs, we offer European based submersible and surface water pumping systems best suited for irrigation and livestock water supply. A Solar PV water pumping system - commonly known as a Solar pump - draws power from Solar Cell/modules to operate submersible and surface pumps.

Solar PV pumps are more suitable for remote areas (independent from grid) with no or unreliable grid or as an alternative to diesel pumps.

Hybrid Solar Power System

These systems are quite sophisticated. They are fully programmable, which provides a combination of all the energy sources available; Solar, Grid and Battery are connected independently to power essential load.

The innovative hybrid Solar system combines the convenience of a grid connected system and an extra peace of mind of the battery backup. This means that even during a power blackout, you still have electricity.

Stand-alone/Off-Grid Solar Power System

Off-Grid Solar Power is the stand-alone system that provides power to the selected load independently. Stand-alone Solar Power systems consist of Solar panels, inverter with charge controller and a battery bank.

When your Off-Grid Solar Power System produces excess electricity during the day, it is used to charge the batteries. When the sun’s not shining, electricity is drawn from the batteries to power the load.