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With production and development in Germany, ENDRESS has been delivering real power to international markets since 1914. Excellent Engineering by ENDRESS brings following technology:


When there were still no electronics on units, one needed so-called asynchronous alternators in order to generate so called “clean current” and synchronous generators to manage the “heavy starting”.

In the case of DUPLEX equipment the electronic controller unit adapts itself individually to the respective drive motor and reacts appropriately before the engine is overloaded. In this way it is possible to mobilise power reserves and the DUPLEX generator hauls even the heaviest, inductive consumer upwards and protects the most sensitive consumer from getting damaged.

Thus all of the advantages of asynchronous and synchronous alternators are combined together in the DUPLEX.


The generation of current with a conventional petrol generator takes place at a high speed range of 3000 rpm. However, according to experience a generator often runs during use without load. Ecotronic is an eco-friendly alternative to conventional electricity generation. During use the ecotronic System recognizes whether its power output is being drawn or not if no power is being drawn the speed is clearly reduced significantly.


The newly developed power management module maxdrive from ENDRESS allows engines to be used with loss of power output. For higher loading situations such as the start-up current required or shock loads, the centrifugal governor on the drive motor quickly reaches its limits. Before the power drops, the maxdrive power management module supports the engine regulator. The throttle opens all the way and this ensures that the engines’s full power is available.

Stay connected with your genset:

E-RMA – ENDRESS Remote Monitoring Application Monitor and control your generator via PC or cell phone 24/7. Wherever you are on the world, with E-RMA you are always in touch with your power supply.

After Sale Support

Zi SOLAR is a partner and authorized distributor of ENDRESS in Pakistan and provides after sales support (back to back) as an authorized service partner.