Rulers Divide and Rule, while Leaders Unite and Lead


Zaigham Mahmood Rizvi
Founding Chairman

Alternative energy, more specifically ‘Solar Power’, has always been an area of personal interest to me. My association with this source of energy goes back to the 1970s, when I was a student in the USA, and the world witnessed the first oil and energy crisis. This is when I heard the first call for a Solar Option. I read up literature and attended many lectures on the subject. From an analysis of the need to the development of an affordable option, Solar Option has crossed many hurdles. Working for the World Bank Group and other international agencies as an Expert Consultant on Low-Income Affordable Housing in Africa, Middle East and the Asia Pacific regions, I have been advocating Solar Option for Social Housing. Today, Solar Solutions are affordable, reliable and on the move.

Technological innovations are rapid and world-renowned corporates are now leading Solar equipment manufacturers. Hyundai, our partner in this movement, is indeed among the leaders of the Solar Movement.

Looking at the worsening energy crisis in Pakistan, there can be no two opinions that alternative energy is the most appropriate option considering the social, economic and environmental landscapes. From providing water to barren fields (Solar tube wells), to lighting up schools, hospitals and other workplaces, Solar Power Solutions are providing an immediate answer to the burgeoning energy needs of the country. The Sun bombards around 165,000 Terawatts of Solar Power on Earth every day. The total energy requirements of the Globe are less than one percent of the energy being emitted by the sun. Pakistan, by the Grace of Almighty, is among the top five richest countries in Solar Power. Yet, it is plagued by extraordinarily prolonged power outages which occur mostly during the summer months when, in fact, the availability of Solar Power is at its peak.

Pakistan has great potential for Solar Power solutions, as well as potential to manufacture Solar panels from Silicon. The DG Khan district, in particular, as well as other areas in Pakistan, are rich in Silicon dioxide/quartz. Through step-by-step ‘value addition’, we can explore/ extract ‘Silicon’ in purified form from ‘Silicon dioxide’, make Silicon ingots, Silicon wafers, Silicon cells and eventually PV Modules/Panels. To begin with, our focus is to provide cost-effective and highly reliable Solar Power Solutions relying on imported equipment, while our concerted endeavor would be to gradually go for indigenization and manufacture all this equipment In Shaa ALLAH from the indigenously available raw material in Pakistan.

It is a matter of immense pleasure for me to introduce you to Zi SOLAR. We have taken a start with the simple aim of providing quality and sustainable Solar Power Solutions. In our quest for excellence, we are associating with the leading Solar equipment manufacturers of the world.

With globally recognized international partners, a team of skilled and committed professionals and other technical staff, we are endeavoring to make our presence felt respectably in the Solar Power Market of Pakistan In Shaa ALLAH.

“Zi SOLAR is committed to quality in Solar solution design, equipment selection, professional installation and after-sales service.”