Future is Bright with Solar Energy Creating Solar Energy, Powering the Nation in Pakistan Keen to reduce your energy bill Power is your, we put you in control of your Solar Energy Grid-tie Solar Energy System - Zi SOLAR is approved AEDB for net-metering

A Solar Energy solutions provider company in Pakistan

Zi SOLAR (Pvt) Limited is solution provider of Solar Energy systems. Registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) for the primary purpose of providing Solar Power Solutions in Pakistan. Given the dire need of clean power in Pakistan, Zi SOLAR is fully focused towards providing cost-effective and reliable Solar Power Solutions to residential customers, commercial organizations and industries, as well as providing an alternative source of power generation for the grid...

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Chairman of Zi Solar solution provider of Solar Energy System

Zaigham Mahmood Rizvi
Founding Chairman

Zi SOLAR Chairman's Message

"Alternative energy, more specifically ‘Solar Power’, has always been an area of personal interest to me. My association with this source of energy goes back to the 1970s, when I was a student in the USA, and the world witnessed the first oil and energy crisis..." Read complete message


Zi Solar Solar Energy Solution provider


Being ALSADIQ (Truthful) and ALAMIN (Trustworthy) are the strongest traits of the personality of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), and so become the first lesson for us in personal life and business. The Zi SOLAR team in its humble capacity is committed to always endeavor its best to adhere to these values, In Shaa ALLAH.

Engineers working on solar power system


Working in an environment of complete UNISON, Zi SOLAR, In Shaa ALLAH, will be a team of 'Winners' determined to take the country out of Energy Poverty, by efficiently & efficaciously utilizing the abundantly available Solar Energy in Pakistan, while remaining focused on WORK ETHICS.

Solar Panel Generating Solar Energy


The team of Zi SOLAR has this earnest desire and Mission to do a KNOWLEDGE based business in Pakistan, as a service with dedication and commitment to its CUSTOMERS and the country at large.


Quality Products lead to Quality Solutions

The association between Zi SOLAR and Hyundai is a sign of our optimistic forward looking approach to make a collaboration in Pakistan that delivers immaculate results. Hyundai is manufacturing high quality Solar products and Zi SOLAR is designing and implementing optimum Solar Solutions with these products, by providing need based systems that are highly efficient and reliable.


Think Globally Act Locally

Zi Solar in Pakistan is partnered with renowned multinational PRETTL Group to deliver the top-rated PRETTL ENERGY Products that includes REFUsol On Grid inverters , ENDRESS Generators, frequency inverters , controllers in intelligent hybrid solution. PRETTL combines in its Energy Division the expertise of ENDRESS in the field of generators with the knowledge and expertise that REFU brings from the field of power electronics and battery storage systems. Hereby PRETTL energy is able to deliver the best combination of solutions to its valued customers

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